aerial pipeline crossing

Aerial Pipeline Crossing

With the high risk potential of crossing over a body of water, inspection and maintenance on Pipeline bridge crossings becomes very important.

We look at guy cables and wires, main stays, down comers every component of the bridge to ensure the integrity of the bridge is up to standards of a Pipleline Integrity Management program.

Corrosion control on the aerial crossing is always an issue and through special protective paints, grease and other lubricants we can help control corrosion for preventative maintenance.

We can rig up our hoists to bridge supports eliminating use of crane. Erecting, laying of decking, railing, welding and cable installation. Tension to engineered standards, lubricate sway cables, main stays, back stays and down comers.

Underneath extreme winds or very heavy load the bridge can move and thus become unstable so ensuring tensions on cables are up to engineered standards is very important.

Whether its in the initial stages of bridge construction or just a preventative maintenance schedule we can accommodate all your needs to ensure Bridge Integrity is in place.

Developing a maintenance integrity plan with our clients that will meet their needs and serve their facility in the safest and most economical way possible.

  • To support pipeline management integrity
  • Risk management – water ways are higher impact and require higher level of mitigation to reduce risk on heat maps
  • Ensure safety of bridge is up to standards in every possible way