stack maintenance

Stack Maintenance Services

Stack maintenance is critical to ensuring longevity for your flare stacks and incinerators and an efficient burn. Regular maintenance can help prevent emergency repairs or unexpected shutdown. Our team can help plan required servicing, preplan shutdowns and coordinate end-to-end service for large scale jobs.

Our stack maintenance services include:

  • Rigging and crane work of all types (specialized in working at heights)
  • Flare Stack Maintenance (all can be performed without a crane if the stack is designed correctly)
    • External Inspections
    • Tip Changes
    • Pilot/Ignitor (supply, installation, maintenance, refurbishment)
    • Steam and ignition line replacement or repair
  • Incinerator Stack Maintenance
    • External and internal inspections
    • Rigging for refractory inspections and maintenance
    • Painting, extensions of balconies, mounting, jibs for tool hoists and cladding repairs (screws, cladding replacement, banding)
  • Stack Erection and Demolition
  • Fall arrest systems (supply, installation and inspection)
  • B-Pressure and structural welding (specialty height work)
  • Light bulb replacement
  • Shop fabrication (flare tip manufacturing, ladders etc.

Rainbow Follows the ASME Code for construction and maintenance of Steel Stacks.