4-Point Program

  • Drone Inspections
    • A valuable input to improve your turnaround planning.
    • High-definition, 360° tip-to-base inspections and reports by your flare experts.
    • Come turnaround time you will be ready and not scrambling for necessary parts and people.
    • Recommended 6-12 months ahead of your turnaround.
    • Assistance During Your Turnaround Planning Process
      • We provide our flare and incinerator stack expertise during your planning stage.
      • Why? The nature of our work requires specific execution and safety plans.
      • We also support your procurement and safety teams.
      • This can help reduce cost and timelines in numerous ways.
      • Repairs, Refurbishments, Adjustments on Your Standing Structures (flare stacks, incinerators, suspension bridges, radio and wind towers, etc.)
        • This is when our experts really go to work.
        • Our services include: tip changes/refurbishments, piping, welding, thermocouples, internal inspection, aircraft, warning lights, guy-wire greasing, cladding.
        • Equipment includes: flare stacks, incinerators, suspension bridges, radio and wind towers etc.
        • Often we can do this work with one less crane.
        • Tensioning and Inspections of Guy-wires
          • An often overlooked critical activity to ensure the overall integrity of your standing structures, identify potential risks, and extend useful lifespans.
          • Recommended every 3 years or at the midpoint between turnarounds.